Unlock new horizons by embracing your muscle of perspective taking

Eva | Partnering Leadership Academy
Nov 7, 2023

PLA Podcast #6 | November 2023

In a world saturated with diverse viewpoints, we often find ourselves overwhelmed and tempted to ignore or resist perspectives that differ from our own. Yet, in doing so, we risk overlooking one of the most extraordinary facets of human intelligence: the ability to connect our minds and hearts, unlocking new horizons by discovering common ground and elevating our collective consciousness.

Join us in this enlightening podcast as we delve into the art of perspective-taking with two distinguished leadership experts, Dr. Claude Heini from Switzerland and Jason Kay, originally from South Africa and now based in Berlin, Germany. Together, we'll uncover the profound benefits of cultivating our 'perspective-taking muscle,' drawing on their extensive knowledge and practical insights as leadership development coaches.

Our conversation addresses essential questions, such as:

  • The effects and advantages that perspective-taking can unlock [17:47]

  • Understanding the reasons why it is challenging to embrace perspectives that conflict with our own [24:02]

  • Practical 'life hacks' for navigating emotionally charged encounters with differing viewpoints and the various dimensions of perspective-taking [28:40]

  • Methods and strategies to regularly exercise and refine your perspective-taking skills within a leadership context [36:56]

  • How we can train our muscle of perspective-taking on a regular basis [48:17 ]

  • Recognizing the limits of perspective-taking and when it can become counterproductive [54:35]

  • And: how perspective-taking has personally transformed our lives [10:56]

The most profound lesson I gained from our conversation is that perspective-taking extends beyond merely stepping into others' shoes. It also involves a conscious connection with our own perspective, taking responsibility for it without becoming excessively emotionally identified with it.

Embark on this enlightening journey with us and let’s unlock a sea of possibilities for solutions, innovation, deeper connections, and, perhaps most importantly in today's divided world, a shared space for conflict resolution and peace.

If you'd like to learn more about the work of Dr. Claude Heini and Jason Kay as leadership development consultants and coaches, please find below their respective websites and LinkedIn Profiles: