When it goes wrong - reminding what's essential in partnering conflict situations

Eva | Partnering Leadership Academy
Jun 20

PLA Podcast Episode#3 | June 2023

Partnering in today's fragmented professional context is not always easy. It involves bridging all sorts of boundaries, such as different functions, hierarchies, locations and cultures, to name but a few.

It's easier than ever to get into conflict, with destructive results for everyone, draining not only performance, productivity and innovation, but also energy, potential and well-being.

In an increasingly fluid and connected world, conflict resolution is becoming a vital responsibility for each of us, not just something we can delegate to team leaders or management.

In this episode of the Partnering Leadership Academy podcast, I sat down with Susann Bongers, a Swiss accredited mediation and conflict resolution expert from the University of Applied Sciences Lucerne and co-founder of bcompagnion GmbH (Switzerland), to explore what each of us can do to raise awareness and more consciously de-escalate conflicts at an early stage.

Sharing openly her extensive experience as a mediator, Susann reaffirmed how much the discovery of innovative win-win solutions and the bridging of differing interests and needs - at the centre of partnering leadership - depends on our willingness to take the time to silence and listen to each other - and to ourselves.

Tune into this lively conversation that will serve as a powerful reminder of how we can sharpen our sensitivity and cultivate our listening muscle, especially in tense and conflicted situations.

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